Sunday, 3 June 2012

Little Boxes

Oh my, eight people have a lot of stuff. We've been moving boxes and furniture pretty constantly since Wednesday, and there is still tonnes to go. My recent decluttering efforts seem to mean nothing as I still appear to have ALL OF THE STUFF, and I suspect some of the other Golems have ALL OF THE STUFF too. Good thing we bought a big ol' house, eh?

There has been a stoic perseverance in the face of unexpected obstacles, amongst which have been having only cold water upstairs and only hot water downstairs, realising our kitchen worktop was squidgable (ew!), and having to scrub a collection of bogeys off of a bedroom wall (I kid you not). We are all knackered, and some of us are ill. Some of us are tiny confused toddlers who are excited and unsettled by it all at the same time. It's been a long few days.

Amongst this we've been having a regular evening meeting to sort out the minutiae of our new domestic set up. Tonight we discussed the washing up, shoes, various rotas, and the complexities of leftovers. And somehow we still haven't got all shouty with each other. Consensus woo!

I thought I'd be here giving you an exciting update about all of the things we've been doing, but in all honesty, there has been too much going on for my brain to formalise it into a post. I'm going to go the pic spam route again, instead, and I hope you'll forgive me/be really relieved that I'm soon to stop waffling ;)

- Hannah

Still trying to sort through all the keys

Moving my garden to the new house

It's OK to remove windows to insert furniture when you (sort of) own the place ;)

Behold our joist ends, for they are not rotten!

Finn's DIY skills are coming along nicely

Enjoying a co-op dinner in our dining roomy bit

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