Thursday, 21 May 2015

Golem Work Day, May 25th 2015

Hello all!

I'm just briefly posting to let you know we are having a work day on Monday May 25th. There will be a range of jobs including painting, cleaning up wood before waxing it, sorting storage for our new tool room and, for those who love to smash things, lifting the remaining concrete in the garden and digging out any glorious Victorian flagstones that we find.

There will be a tasty noms provided for lunch and undoubtedly reams of tea and coffee during the day, and you can nose around our new communal room and fabulous garden. If you're interested in coming along for any length of time, then contact a Golem either via email, Facebook or face-to-face so we know who to cater for.

Hope to see you then!

- Hannah

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Looking for Loanstock

Well, I didn't realise it had been quite so long since we had done a blog post - and how things in the co-op have changed since then! Those of you who know us in person will have a good idea of the happenings at Golem HQ, but for those unfamiliar I will provide a quick overview. If you want to skip the overview, scroll to the bottom for the inevitable bit where we are asking for help ;)

In January we got some builders in to do a couple of days work building a cupboard and putting a new door into one of the downstairs bedrooms. We could easily afford the work though, so yay!

Two days later they told us that the house had started to fall down. We could still afford to spend a bit more so that was fine.

A few days after that they told us that actually it was falling down because someone in the past had removed almost everything that should have been holding it up. We started to feel a little worried about the money side of it.

*dramatic music* Suddenly there were props everywhere holding the place up temporarily, structural engineers and all sorts coming in and literally shaking their heads in despair at the work that had been done to the house in the past. We were wondering how much this was all going to cost, but it being that it's not really a very good decision to not stop your house falling down, we had to let the work continue.

At some point it became clear that the entire basement room of the house and half of the ground floor had to be completely ripped out, including whole floors, ceilings, walls and staircases. We thought, right, if all this is going on, let's also do all the work we know these areas need or that we want to make our house more suitable for communal living. Let's do it once, and do it properly, unlike all the people who had messed up the building before.

This is how we went from this (dingy, cramped, poorly laid out) communal room...

... to this :D Bright, airy, much bigger communal room with a more logical layout, better access to the garden and a dinner table which actually fits all the Golems around it properly. 

It's the shizz, really it is. But unfortunately the downside is that during the course of this work even more problems with other bits of the house were discovered on top of the things which we already knew needed doing (like all the roofs) so our things-to-fix list has become both shorter and longer at the same time.

And we had the cash to pay for some of it, and an unexpected loanstock offer to pay for the next bit, but for the rest of this job (and the others) we are wondering if you would like to help.

Loanstock is by far the most affordable and straightforward way for the co-op to borrow money, so if you would be interested in investing in a local housing organisation for a fixed period of time at between 0% and 3% interest, please do get in touch. I have added more information about loanstock here so that those of you thinking about it can get the details, but the very best thing to do is to come round for a chat and a cup of tea in our lovely new living room. Drop us an email at and we can tell you all about it :)

- Hannah

p.s. In the course of all this it became clear that buying next door was a very challenging option financially and then it went under offer to someone else and that was the end of that. We are still hoping to expand in the near future and are always up for helping other people to set up co-ops. Getting the big repair work on this house done will actually contribute to making both of those things easier, so although it seems like a distraction it is all still helping toward our master plan. Phew!

Monday, 19 January 2015

We Need More Golems

So there's this house that lives next door and we are hoping to buy it and expand our hippy empire. It's shared accommodation with five bedrooms and communal living space, a kitchen and a garden. You can have pets, you can put pins in your walls, and you know those creatures called 'Landlordes', well... the bad news is, you still have a landlord. The good news is that YOU are the landlord.

If you want:-

- Control over your living conditions and accommodation
- A chance to live sustainably and share skills in living sustainably
- A chance to take a house out of the hands of the market for good; to perpetually provide affordable housing so long as there are tenants to occupy it
- To sack your landlord
- To kick the patriarchy in the face
- To grow and eat strange vegetables you've never seen before
- To decorate your living space however you see fit
- To live in a cult in a harmonious society with no rituals whatsoever. Honest.

We are looking to buy and renovate this property within the year, so we are looking for tenants to fill the rooms in late 2015.

Not a bad spot for a co-op
Here are a few other things you might want to know:-

-We welcome people of all genders, races, sexuality and species
- We don't mind if you are on the dole
- We don't rent single rooms to couples
- We have a crazy old dog

If you're interested, please get in touch! Come round for tea, have a chat etc.

Buying next door will give us twice as much garden to enlushify!