About Us

We are a group of 7 big people and one small one who have set up a housing co-operative in Swansea. We started getting together to talk about the idea in March 2010, and have been working on it ever since. We finally got the keys to our Very Own House on 30th May 2012. Now we're looking at expanding to provide housing for more people locally.

We are part of the Radical Routes network, which offered a lot of help getting established, and which we work to support. Radical Routes has an amazing amount of collective experience, and offers skills to other people establishing co-ops and working for social change.

There's a rather good explanation of where we got our name from here.

I'm a receptionist at the local leisure centre and mother to the littlest Golem. I live in a co-op because it has all the social benefits of an extended family, the environmental benefits of shared resources and the financial benefits of tenant-managed housing. I am mostly to be found home educating Finn and gardening in a permaculture fashion.

I've been interested in cooperative living for a good many years. The idea of pooling time and money as a group just makes good sense to me, especially when it comes to where we live. I'm interested in environmental building, and I write. I'm also enthusiastic about wine-making, permaculture, dancing, drumming, fire-tending, polyamory, environmental activism and generally making the world a happier place. I'm also father to the smallest Golem.

I enjoy good food, good wine and good company. I'm an amateur knitter, and a hoarder of many things and will dance to anything for a long time. Communal living is a genius idea, and I am very excited about living with my fellow Golems. One day I hope to have a bit of land with some livestock and a pumpkin patch on it.

Finn can't write yet, or even understand the concept of writing, but if he could then Hannah imagines he might say something along these lines.
I am the tiny golem who drools the most. I was born in November '10, which in my mother's eyes makes me Edwardian. I enjoy picking everything up and putting it down somewhere else, breastfeeding, giggling maniacally, more breastfeeding, and banging things together to make very loud noises (before breastfeeding until I fall asleep).  I'm looking forward to us having  a house together so that even more of my favourite people live in one place, and we will hopefully have a garden with real grass in it. Good times.

I'm currently studying Music Technology and will be until the middle of next year. Much of my time is generally spent writing and recording music.

We also have two other members, Rob and Flick, who have not been cajoled into writing for this page yet.

Former Members

Mattie Rose
I am the youngest member of the co-op, a spring chicken at 19 years old, and also the newest part of the group. I have a myriad interests and ideals, and hope to develop these over the next few months, now that I am settled in the Adult World. I currently hold down a job selling books to the browsers of Swansea, and spend much of my time doing that. On one hand this is lovely, I enjoy my job and the people that I encounter, and also books. On the other foot, I disapprove of work being all about the money that is thieved by the government, the landlord, the water company, the electric peoples, and finally, the pub. And so towards the grail of alternative living arrangements and building the world I want to live in. Here we chose together the directions to move in and how to spend our time and money by consensus.  And there will be communal food, and communal music and communal books. We will share and enjoy, and it will be good. Communally good.

I'm 25, and I currently live on my own but close to the others in the co-op. I'm particularly into knitting, bookbinding and other creative/useful crafts, and I like to find ways to make things from rubbish. I'm into the shared housing idea because I hate the system that makes it difficult to survive on a low income. I've got CFS, so I have to rest a lot and I can't work. I love it when I have enough energy to go to new places and do some practical protesting stuff.