Monday, 18 March 2013


Well hello, and what an exciting blog post we have today! I'm excited, anyway, and so are the others here at Golem HQ: the wall is in progress!

A week ago our lovely builders appeared at the bottom of the garden and, well, just got on with it. They've been there every week-day since, beavering away, and slowly but surely, the wall is growing. The retaining wall itself is nearly built, and the curtain wall for the steps is probably done (possibly requiring another course or two once the steps are up. They're back-filling the retaining wall and under the steps tomorrow, which will bring an end to the slope of doom once and for all. We're getting a quote for a gate today, and apparently all the building will probably be done by the end of the week. I know! If you pay people, stuff gets done! We are very fond of this new - if rather expensive - approach.

Without further ado, I'll post loads of photos so you can enjoy the process for yourself.

Ta da!
Day one - Finn was in truck heaven!

Digging out the footings

Footings poured (the concrete's under the water at the back)

Blocks arriving - another truck!

Day one of wall building

Day two

Day four (I forgot to photograph day three)

Both walls are actually higher than that last photo shows - I took it this morning. They are now both comfortably taller than Sven.

So, you can see the enormous progress that's already occurred, and tomorrow we should actually find out what level our garden is now. The builders asked today and I just shrugged. I have no idea! Sven  and I did some clambering on the heap of rubble and dragged out a whole load more stone to use for the patio and paths.

I'll post again when the whole thing's finished, and we can take photos of us running up and down the steps with glee!

- Hannah