Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Post National Gathering (by Lottie)

In the end I didn't acquire talent, because I couldn't go to Manchester. But what I hear from Sven, who did go, is this.

It was our third National Gathering; six weeks ago we applied for membership. Our application didn't make it into the agenda, so we couldn't be reviewed by the other co-ops beforehand, and so we're not members of Radical Routes. But we're going to reapply, and lots of us are enthusiastic about getting to the next meeting.

I also hear that the food was amazing! I wish I could have gone. Maybe I can convince Sven to blog about the gathering!

Friday, 12 November 2010

The National Gathering (by Lottie)


I'm scared. The National Gathering in Manchester is just a week away, and I hear there will be a talent show. My two talents that I can think of are knitting and owning a cat who likes to climb in the fridge and/or eat vegetarian bacon. MUST. ACQUIRE. TALENT.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Littlest Golem

Hello again -

We've been a bit quiet for a few weeks, but with very good reason. Our seventh Golem has finally arrived in the world, and we're all just a little bit excited - and thus distracted from even co-op-y goodness- about it.

So, in the way that birth announcements are usually phrased, I shall give you the details. Finn Frederick Andrew Buddle-Kay was born on November 4th 2010 at 3:56pm, weighing 7lb 9oz.

He's very hairy, and not just on his head. He has a very sweet dimple in his chin, and it's hilarious when he hiccups. He only likes sleeping in his rainbow blanket, kindly knitted by Joe. Sometimes he does jazz hands in his sleep. These are the tiny things we have been enjoying in the 6 days since he was born, and that's why you haven't had any blog posts;-)

I'm not sure how anyone gets through the first days with a newborn (especially post c-section) without a herd of golems to help out. I've been fed and had things carried about for me, and Finn has been the receptor of an almost non-stop stream of cuddles since he got home on Saturday. There is seldom not someone else about to help by holding him, which makes an enormous difference. He's had a few outings in his sling, which have been very successful, but it's marvelous knowing there are so many adults around who care about him so much. It feels like he's truly a co-op baby:-)

Today we had a visitor from Random Camel, the lovely Gemma. She had a few hours in Swansea between a ferry and a train, and called in to Golem HQ for breakfast. Lloyd and Joe had to rush off for lectures, but it was lovely to be visited by someone and to start feeling like more of a proper co-op.

There was some baby snuggling, and some exciting co-op talk, and I think it brought it back to us that there are other things to do in life than stare at newborns - although that's important too. Hopefully we will soon be back in the swing of meetings and looking for houses, only this time it'll be knowing who the 7th golem is :-D

I'm off to give the wee one some grub, and hopefully to have a nap, and to generally revel in his newness.