Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Key Day

Today we got our house.

Too much happened to tell you about. I am too tired, and I have to get up too early to move yet more stuff. The gist is this.

We have a house. It's huge. It's skanky in places. It's lovely in places. It has an unfeasible amount of keys. It has an unfeasible amount of doors. It has high ceilings and low ceilings. And it has all the stairs.

We would like to thank all at Radical Routes, our wonderful loanstock lenders, and everyone who has been so supportive of us and interested in our crazy project for the last two-and-a-bit years. That means you.

I'm to tired to say more, so have some pictures.

- Hannah

Off to collect the keys. Woop!

Once we got the keys, it took 10 minutes to find the right one!

The view from our spare room/upstairs sitting room

Future garden of awesome

Golems in a MASSIVE ROOM

We have all the stairs - four flights to be precise

Finn took this one :)

Cass showcases a different use for some of our many keys


  1. So pleased you're in and ready to start transforming the place - awesome!!