Monday, 7 May 2012


Our completion date has been set, and is looming! At least two of us are decluttering as fast as Freecycle will allow; we are probably even giving things to people who email us in all caps and/or minus punctuation.

I find new homes for bags and boxes and drawers of tat and I suspect that I still can't fit my possessions into the boot of a car, but I'm definitely getting there. My latest obsession is minimalism. I'm currently trying an experiment that I just made up. My to-be-read bookshelf is behind my head and it holds at least 30 books. I can keep any that I can name without looking. It's going like this:
  • The Black Tattoo
  • The Gargoyle
  • That one with the angel on it
  • Brave New World, but I don't really care so much about this one so why did I remember that?
  • Shut up I don't like this experiment any more
  • Your face
  • Oh! Cradle to Cradle. YESSSS.
So, anyone in Swansea in need of silly quantities of yarn and fabric, call Hannah. Anyone in need of an enormous guillotine that can cut 400 pages in one go, contact Cassian. Anyone in need of LARP weapons, contact Sven.

Anyone in need of dinner in exchange for help moving house and/or DIY skillz, contact us in about 4 weeks, oh my goodness it's so exciting!

Tomorrow, me and Hannah are going to go to a solicitor to get something signed. Things are happening!