Monday, 12 March 2012

Progress, sort of.

Hello! Here I am again with a little bit of news. Not much; it's been a slow week, but it seems polite to keep you updated.

So, we're waiting to hear back from the survey. It took place last weekend so we shouldn't be waiting too long. It's scary, exciting, and then scary again. Surveys are really interesting, but also potentially full of revelations about inappropriate roofing materials, rising damp, subsidence and all sorts of other delights. Rather than these terrifying things being in massive red type like they should be, they're casually strewn through the weighty tome in exactly the same size and colour as the hugely mundane observations about how many windows there are. This makes the whole experience of reading one feel akin to walking through some sort of literary minefield: scary, but also rather exciting when you get to the end of a chapter without anything massive blowing your plans completely out of the water. Fingers crossed it will be a profoundly dull document with no surprises. We'll let you know.

In other, rather more definitely exciting news, two new people have started the joining process for the co-op. For now, they're going to remain mysterious, but if all goes well, we buy the house, and they become members of our merry gang, I will persuade them to write a blogpost introducing themselves. If they like us and we like them, our co-op will have seven adults and one child, but will still fit in Labyrinth. I told you it was big.

A quick round-up of other news:
- We've nearly finished our secondary rules, honest. I know we've been doing this for ages, but we really are nearly there - until we think of more, anyway ;) When they're done, we'll put them up as a page on the blog and write a post about them.
- We're still on the lookout for loanstock, just in case anyone wants to make an awesome ethical investment.
- We got a filing cabinet from wonderful local charity MOre Green. I am ridiculously excited about this because weirdly, for someone so messy, I <3 filing.

Expect a post this week with news from the survey, or perhaps just a picture of me in a sobbing heap, depending on how it goes.

- Hannah


  1. If the survey is scary, can we do a comical picture of us all sobbing in a heap like that time we were goths and well depressed an' that?

  2. I'd be more than happy to be the photographer for that occasion :-). Although of course I hope it won't be necessary! Good luck Golems :-)

  3. I think that will be obligatory if the survey is bad, but hopefully all will be well - H x