Thursday, 1 March 2012

House Buying Update and Loanstock Request

Yesterday's post was all whimsy, and I couldn't bear to put all the boring practical stuff in it too (plus it was already hugely long), so here is a quick update of where we are up to with actually buying the place.

Lots of emails have been flying back and forth between us, the mortgage company, the estate agent, our solicitor and our surveyor. It's almost impossible to tell how quickly these emails might actually result in Important Things Happening, but so far there have been no major glitches. It would seem that our business plan works rather well, thank you, and the next big scary thing is really getting the survey done. Work on arranging that is happening today, and if last time is anything to go by, our surveyor will be pretty speedy at getting it done and reporting back to us. We'll let you know the gory details of that once it's done.

So far, we have been very lucky with loanstock, and it forms a large part of our deposit for the house. In reality we can probably make up the shortfall through a loan from Rootstock, but we would rather save the option of a loan from them for future eco-renovations to the property. Because of this, we are looking for a few more people to lend us loanstock. There is lots of information about loanstock on our loanstock page, and we are always super-happy to talk to people about it (and other co-op related things). If you have some spare funds which you are thinking of investing, then please consider lending us loanstock. We have a fine track record of providing cake to investors, and you will always be welcome round for a cup of tea once we have the house. Oh, and you'll get your money back at the end of the investment term, of course, but more importantly, there will also be cake. Our email is if you feel like getting in touch.

Right, that's enough practical stuff for now. I'm off to poke people with metaphorical sticks some more.

- Hannah

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