Monday, 9 April 2012

The (Geeky) Haps

It has been too long! Rest assured, no news is currently good news.

Some hiccups include the solicitors seeming to not know whether we're a housing co-op, a business or a housing association, and the house still being on the market.

Some progress includes the survey and valuation coming back, and not being too terrifying. Also, we've emailed the loanstock folk to tell them what we're up to. We're waiting to hear back about some mortgagey things, but bank holidays all over the shop are slowing things up a bit.

Also, and this is the most exciting bit for me (Lotte/Cassian), no one strongly objected to me being in charge of the Front Door. (There were some looks of dubiosity, but I consider those to be stand-asides.) OH MY WORD am I going to paint it TARDIS blue and put a police box sign on it and also a silver door-knocker and change the number to 221b and put anti-demon wards in the doorframe? YES YES I AM.

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