Thursday, 18 October 2012

Small Achievements, and Some Prettification Plots

Ahoy-hoy, lovely readers.

I do not tune in much here, because I am not able to get a lot done these days. But I have a little exciting success to report! I suspect that no one else is as excited as me by such things, but that will not stop me from showing you...

Our second compost bin!

Do not ask about the bath. We do not even.

Huh? Oh, it's the green dalek looking thingy, behind the fence...

The one on the left, also behind the fence, is a water butt with the *ahem* butt cut off, to let the worms and bugs in. We put it there a couple of months ago and what with there being seven adults and a tiny-massive-cuteface boy plus various guests, it filled up sometime a week or two ago. WOW.

I would be like, "what on Earth (pun intended) do we do with all this compost?" except, oh my word, have you seen our garden? We have no soil. We have an abundance of polystyrene balls, the like of which can be found in beanbags etc. And, most importantly, I found out today that the fire escape is STILL BURIED. If it were up to me and we had space and had previously befriended the mythical golems of Going Postal, I'd have a compost production line going on.

So if you're in Swansea, you can get a 330 litre compost bin for £18 from Swansea Council when they're usually £35+; you can even get up to three of them if you're so inclined. Smaller bins are cheaper, too.

In other news, we have a work weekend coming up, on 27th and 28th October. We will once again be working on the upstairs living room that will double as a spare room. The jobs seem to be largely cosmetic, with some carpentry thrown in. Here's some of the stuff that would be very valuable to us, and for which we will ply you with dinner and somewhere to sleep should you require.

This clothes-drying device is conveniently door-ish, so we're going to use it on the cupboard. Also, check out those holes. You could help filler/plaster them! It would be so helpful, and we would feed you handsomely.

  • Plastering/fillering the holes left from removal of kitchen tiles;
  • Building a cupboard to go around the combi-boiler;
  • Painting;
  • Toddler-wrangling a charming little pixie boy who is learning to talk and enjoys going for walks and playing with autumn leaves and flowers.
If you are feeling a bit DIYish (or in the mood to befriend a small boy) and want some delicious home-cooked food, please do consider coming along to assist. It would make us all very happy.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you are having a fabulous evening.


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