Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Now I am just showing off

Okay but look what I made for our bathroom.

I know it's not really a big thing in the grand scheme of doing up the house, but I'm hoping it'll make a difference to how cluttered our little upstairs bathroom will feel when there's often more than 8 people sharing it.

Hannah says it's a bit impressive that I do it all with a hand-cranked Singer and I'm not sure why because I like the slow and steady approach. This particular model took three months for me to get a wiggle on, but I like that this whole thing cost £6.99 for the fabric (with some to spare) and used no electricity in the making. Perhaps electric sewing machines are faster? But what can I say, I am terrified of them.

I stole this picture from this other blog after googling "angry sewing machine" - win.


  1. Hannahs` maternal grandmother made a set of perfectly fitting car seat covers with a similarly aged machine so recognise no limits!!!!


    1. Bwahaha, I am spurred on! There will be pockets in EVERY ROOM! *mad cackle*


      ...after I finish knitting this jumper.