Monday, 31 March 2014

The Garden, One Year On

In the midst of Spring stirrings and sporadic flurries of activity at Golem HQ, there's been lots of time to ponder how far we've come on the garden and just how far we have to go. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) this introspective mood has struck almost exactly a year on from the grand finishing of the garden wall, so I thought a little then-and-now post was in order.

For those who don't know, or who need reminding of the horror which they have since sought to blot from their memory, our garden was piled high with landfill so random that we still laugh/cry about it now. Skiploads of polystyrene balls, broken glass and tiles, semi-rotted sofas, broken electrical items and who knows what else were carted off, leaving us still with a 4 metre high rubble landslide-waiting-to-happen and a deep fear of heavy rain.

It looked rather like this (and this).

 Skipping through a year of intermittent hard work, digging and letting nature do what it does best - healing the wounds of man's inconsiderate nature - we now have something... better. Not great, but a vast improvement and one which I'm hugely proud of.

Now I'm going to pic spam you to prove it.

Our lovely new wall painted with a sunshiney gradient :)

Our first artichoke!

We have ALL the broccoli :D

Our Bee Bed is coming along nicely.

Satellite view previously.
New satellite view - we made some green!

So this is where we start a year on. Some plants sprouting, some being harvested, bricks everywhere and a load of work left to do. Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped us to get this far (and it is a long list) and to all those who I'm sure will help us in the years to come.

- Hannah


  1. Lovely to see such awesome and inspiring progress! It is a real haven. Be proud! :)

  2. Great progress :)