Thursday, 16 May 2013

Plodding On

With a month from the last blog post to this one, it's nice to have some photos that prove we've been doing things. Progress on the garden is slow but steady, as we concentrate on that to allow funds to accumulate in our bank account for the next big job on the house. I'm not feeling wordy today, so have lots of pictures instead :)

Day one of installing the reclaimed paving.

A small patch of sanity in a sea of crap.

Finn's been heavily involved in the planting process.

The sea beet is in rude health, and the mountain sorrel at it's base too!

Everything's looking happy, but is sadly still in pots.

Progress! More paving and the start of the back fences.

Plants! In The ground! In our garden!

The paving and the planting are starting to show the garden's future potential :D

In other news, I've finished the permaculture design for the garden (good thing as we've started implementing it!). When I work out how to put a link to a PDF you can have a flick through.

- Hannah

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