Thursday, 4 April 2013


It exists. It's beautiful. It's FINISHED!!!!!!

I don't have a photo of the beauteous steps to hand, but believe me, they are beauteous!

Now that all the excitement of the wall building is over, we have the new, extra exciting excitement which is THE GARDEN. The first of what will probably be many work weekends will be on April 13th-14th. This first phase will involve much in the way of smashing things up, demolishing things, and lugging stuff about. For the less Hulksmash amongst you, there may be painting, and there will definitely be playing with the toddler and making tea.

We can accommodate people overnight if need be, and there will be lunch and dinner for volunteers. Please let us know if you're coming so we can plan food. You'll need sensible boots and work clothes, but we have the tools required. I'll do another post with more details about what we'll be getting up to before next weekend.

- Hannah

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  1. Proper job ! (As they say down here!)