Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mystery Object Revealed!

Do you remember the mystery object buried in the garden? To recap, here it is, in it's mysterious glory.

Well, I have good news! It's a mystery no more. Joe spent his time digging around it while we've been away, and good grief, there's no way any of you could have guessed what it was.

It could have been a lovely garden trellisy thing.

(image nicked from the intertubes)

It could have been the metal remnants of a barrel...


... or some kind of iron cart wheel.

(I'm basically a massive tea-leaf)

But no. In the true spirit of extraordinary weirdness that pervades our house and garden, it is...

a fire escape.

It's hard to photograph, but so far about 8 feet of it is visible. Yikes!

You know, one of those ones with the ladder and the metal cage thing to stop you falling off. All of one, or at least it looks like it. It's been there for a while, as the small wall which runs across the garden is built right over it in a most nonchalant fashion.

I think it's safe to say that none of us were expecting a huge thing like this, and we haven't even started to contemplate what to do with it, but I thought I'd at least relieve you of your suspense about what on earth it was.

- Hannah


  1. Great for growing beans up. Next year, I'll send you some Climbing Pea Bean seeds if you remind me, they'll climb all over it and provide loads of good food.

  2. I agree with the beans. Or cut it into sections and use it for tomato cages.

  3. Great! You need to put it up and have daring chases up and down it!

  4. i was so hoping for barrel staves

    mostly, just so i could say "staves"!

  5. It was fun seeing the house and garden today :)