Wednesday, 22 February 2012

We accidentally a house.

So, you know that last blog post where I whinged at length about the trials and tribulations of locating a suitable house? Ignore it. And me.
Look how happy he is for us!

Focus on this news instead: we put in an offer on Labyrinth and it got accepted.

Sorry, what?


*get up again*

The long, short, and medium length of it is that we couldn't come to a decision about the two houses currently on the table. Between Labyrinth and Run-of-the-hill, we had two abodes that none of us really loved. We wrangled, we debated, and still we had no idea what we wanted to do, if anything.

And then we looked at the maths. Not the intense sort of maths that Sven's brother can do with his eyes shut, but the simple, hard-to-avoid, obvious sort that involves noticing that one house had 2 more potential rental rooms, more communal space, was the same price or cheaper, and didn't need 10k spent on it to be habitable.

That's some pretty convincing maths, even for a romantic like me. So convincing that although I couldn't bring myself to say yes to offering on Labyrinth, I couldn't block the decision either. In the end two out of the five of us stood aside. It's thanks to the joys of consensus decision making that we all felt that our opinions had been taken into account, yet still managed to acknowledge the more negative feelings of some co-op members, and productively arrive at a decision. Yay consensus.

Anyway, now comes the busy bit. There are solicitors and surveys, valuations and business plans, and all the other gubbins I am too excited to think of right now.

Wish us luck, and expect more blog posts. Finally, this could be it.

- Hannah


  1. Brilliant news good luck and happy Golems homex

  2. This is fantastic news (now I might have somewhere to offload all my old junk - erm I mean household stuff I don't need anymore)

  3. I'd love to follow this blog, rather than forgetting and having to play catch-up, but the subscribe link at the bottom doesn't seem to work for me... I'm also having difficulty with it accepting my profile, except for the first time I used it. :(

  4. Sorry you're having tech problems with subscribing, Jet. I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to start with sorting them out :/