Friday, 18 February 2011


Or rather: RR! We are now proper members of Radical Routes!

Things may have been seeming quiet here at Golem HQ, but we've actually been busy, and not just with pulling faces at the baby to make him smile (although that is currently at the top of the daily agenda for most of us). Work has been ongoing with making us more Official (with a capital O), and we now have shares in the co-op, and will soon have share certificates, or Cher certificates, if Mattie has her way. (I must say, I like the idea of the latter - although "Do you believe in life after landlord-owned rented accomodation?" is a less catchy lyric by anyone's standards).

Some of us also attended the Spring Radical Routes gathering in Brighton. The 'some' in question comprised Lotte, Mattie, Sven, Finn and me, all squeezed into a small hire car for the journey, and then all kindly housed at Out Of Town housing co-op for the weekend. This was my first gathering and I really enjoyed it, but it did bring home to me how tricky things like long meetings are with a very small person to look after. I only managed one workshop attendance, and that was down to the fabulous baby-wrangling skills of Lotte and Finn having a fortuitous nap. The rest of the weekend involved me and Lotte eating cake in great proportions thanks to the Cowley Club, and squeezing in fabulous conversations with fabulous people. Oh, and pulling faces at the baby, of course:-) Mattie and Sven volunteered for everything ever, and Lotte and I wrangled our way into the Children's Working Group. Yay!

In other news, we've had a few house viewings. Well, one recently and one today. The recent one was a fabulous wreck, complete with tonnes of ridiculously lovely original features and fascinatingly studwall-divided rooms (including one which had been divided diagonally), but it was over our budget and quite, quite delapidated. The house we're viewing today is one of a pair we were hoping to look at, but sadly one has sold. Sad times. We're still looking at t'other one though, so if similar houses come up we will know whether they could be the right place for us.

So, apologies for the rambling post, probably full of typos as I'm breastfeeding at the same time, but I thought you'd appreciate a hello:-)


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